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“Hi, I'm 5'3'' and about 108 lbs. At my thinnest, I was close to 90 lbs, probably too thin. I have been the same weight for almost a year now, but have been eating whatever I want and doing zero exercise. I want to lose as much weight as I can in the next month. I plan on working my way up to 2 hour a day workouts and keeping my calorie intake down as low as I can. Any tips? You think it's do able to lose at least 10 lbs in a month?”


Eat between 1300-1700 calories a day (roughly), don’t go lower because it isn’t good for you, especially in the long run!

Healthy eating and exercise is the only way I will recommend you to lose weight.

Possibly because you tend to lose a big number when you start eating healthy from not eating healthy so it’s not impossible. However with you being at such a small weight to begin with I’d say it wasn’t very likely.

Good luck though! Please don’t harm your body with under feeding it.


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